Shedeur Sanders Takes MASSIVE Hit After Overtime Coin Toss Controversy, Dirty Eye Poke

Shedeur Sanders Controversy Coin Toss Ejected Dirty Hit
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Colorado State defensive lineman Mohamed Kamara was ejected from Saturday’s game after a late hit on Shedeur Sanders in overtime. The Rams’ best defensive lineman was a crucial key to the puzzle all night and was thrown out at the worst possible moment.

It came on Colorado’s first possession of overtime. Coach Prime’s team battled back to force the extra period and won the coin toss.

At that point, there was some confusion. Some controversy, if you will.

Shedeur won the toss and seemed to take the ball. But then it appeared as though he also got to choose which side of the field that he wanted to defend.

Typically the winner of the toss gets to chose who gets possession first, or which side of the field to defend. Not both. The loser gets to choose the remaining decision. Hm.

It was a murky start to overtime in a very chippy game after a large production of a weekend. It was personal, remember?

Jay Norvell made a comment about Deion Sanders’ sunglasses during the week. Coach Prime made a fortune off of the jab. He also used it as motivation. As did his family.

The game eventually got underway. A few fights broke out. Shots were fired.

Colorado State got up 21-14 at halftime. Colorado came back to send it to overtime and got the ball first.

On that drive, Shedeur got rocked on a late hit and Kamara was tossed. His pass rush was a big Norvell’s pass rush all night.

It was the second late hit of the evening for Colorado State. Travis Hunter Jr. got clobbered and was brought to the hospital.

Shedeur poked Kamara in the eye earlier in the game so it was also personal for him at that point. His drive turned to anger and he let it cloud his judgement. Not ideal.