Steelers Fans Give Awesome Reward To Raiders Kicker Who Helped Them Clinch A Playoff Spot

Steelers Fans Donate To Raiders Kicker's Charities After Playoffs Clinch

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  • Steelers fans are thanking Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson with an awesome gesture after he helped them make the playoffs
  • Carlson kicked the game-winning field goal against the Chargers that ensured Pittsburgh and Las Vegas both clinched a postseason spot
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The contest between the Raiders and the Chargers that capped off the 2021 NFL regular season was a particularly intriguing one thanks to a very interesting scenario that made it possible for both teams to make the playoffs if the game ended in a tie.

That outcome hinged on the Jaguars beating the Colts in their showdown on Sunday afternoon, but after Jacksonville came away with a fairly unlikely win, it seemed like a very real possibility despite what Chargers coach Brandon Staley had to say about the potential gentleman’s agreement earlier in the week.

For a minute, it looked like the two teams might actually end up tying after the game went into overtime. However, after Staley called a fairly inexplicable timeout in the closing seconds of the extra period, the Raiders sent out Daniel Carlson to kick the game-winning field goal to punch their ticket to the playoffs.

That development was a particularly pleasing one for Pittsburgh Steelers fans who also saw their team earn a spot in the postseason as a result. Now, the team’s supporters have carried one of the coolest new traditions in sports by thanking him with a flood of donations.

On Monday, Carlson sent out a tweet to acknowledge the Steelers fans who’ve sent money to a few charities that he’s worked with and retweeted a couple of messages from the foundations who’ve been at the receiving end of the donations.

You love to see it.

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