Tariq Woolen Uses Wildly Disrespectful Comparison To Describe Russell Wilson’s Physique

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson

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At this time last year, Russell Wilson was viewed as a very solid quarterback who seemingly had Hall of Fame potential if he was able to add a couple more significant achievements to a résumé that featured nine Pro Bowl appearances and a win in Super Bowl XLVIII.

However, it’s safe to say a lot has changed since then.

In March, the Seahawks traded the man who’d been their starting quarterback since 2012 to the Broncos in a blockbuster deal.

Denver fans were initially excited to see Russ cook in The Mile High City, but the Broncos Country residents who were repeatedly invited to ride with Wilson were ultimately treated to the football equivalent of a fiery car crash off of a towering cliff thanks to what transpired over the course of a truly disastrous season.

Wilson has understandably been subjected to a tsunami of criticism from fans, analysts, and some of his fellow players (including his own teammates), and now, he’s caught a fairly brutal stray from Seattle cornerback Tariq Woolen.

Wollen recently appeared on the 2 Up 2 Down podcast and shared some insight into what it was like to play with Wilson during his rookie season in 2022.

During the conversation, he recalled what went through his head when he met Wilson for the first time, and he didn’t exactly flatter the QB with the fairly disrespectful comparison he pulled out to describe his physique.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Seeing him in person, it was pretty funny. On TV you see him and from college you’re like, ‘OK, he looks in shape on TV.’ 

But if you see him in person, it’s weird. He’s like a sack of potatoes…

He’s athletic and he’s a good player, but literally, when I saw him, I’m like, ‘Dang, I didn’t know he was built like that.'”

As Woolen notes, the QB had still managed to perform pretty well for the Seahawks despite that alleged shortcoming, but I doubt that addendum will make the initial comment sting much less.

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