Imagine Being The 49ers This Morning, Who Passed On Signing Tom Brady Even Though QB Wanted To Play In SF

Tom Brady wanted to sign with San Francisco 49ers last offseason, and the team refused to do it

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Like death and taxes, Tom Brady winning Super Bowls is almost one of life’s certainties at this point. After leading the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl 55 victory Sunday night, the GOAT just captured his seventh championship, which is unheard of when you really think of it. At 43 years old, the quarterback has dominated the NFL for more than two decades, and just continues to show why he’s an absolute freak of nature fighting Father Time.

Brady, who won Super Bowl 55 MVP honors, might not have blazing speed. He might not have a cannon arm that can toss a football 75 yards. He may not have the agility of younger guys like Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes. But he possesses a work ethic like nobody else, and has the intelligence to know what he can and can’t do on the football field. It’s remarkable to witness — no matter how old it gets to see him keep winning.

As Tom Brady and his Bucs teammates celebrate a Super Bowl title, imagine being the San Francisco 49ers Monday morning, who had a chance to sign the future Hall of Fame quarterback and passed on the opportunity. Sure, every NFL team could’ve tried to pitch Brady last offseason, but the Niners reportedly had the inside track because the signal-caller preferred returning to his home state — and the 49ers didn’t pull the trigger.

Now, look, I’m not one to sit around and wonder “what if…” this or that. I refuse to regret decisions in my life. But, sheesh, the 49ers have to be looking at themselves in the mirror right now and just banging their head against the wall about not seriously signing Tom Brady last offseason. The fact that it was all to save face and try to protect the feelings of Jimmy Garoppolo — a former Brady backup who led San Fran to the Super Bowl last season — makes it all the more painful.

Who knows if Brady would’ve had the same success with the 49ers as he did with the Buccaneers — especially given the injuries the former NFC Champions sustained this season. But doubting the quarterback is not something any of us should do.

Now the Niners are left wondering what to do with Garoppolo this offseason as they try to improve their team. Had they just kept things simple last offseason and given Tom Brady what he reportedly preferred, who knows if they, not the Bucs, would be celebrating a Super Bowl 55 title right now.

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