Tom Brady Might Have Revealed When He Plans To Retire In An Instagram Comment

tom brady super bowl

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In 2001, the New England Patriots suffered a major blow after Drew Bledsoe was injured early in the season shortly after signing a $103 million contract to be the team’s quarterback of the future. This meant the team would have to rely on a largely-unproven player from Michigan who was taken with the 199th pick in the draft. However, things turned out pretty well because the person in question was Tom Brady, who ended up leading the Pats to a Super Bowl championship and kicking off his quest to be the best NFL player of all time.

Brady might have made it to yet another Super Bowl last year, but after the Eagles took home the Lombardi Trophy, there was plenty of discussion about whether or not the forty-year-old would be returning for another year. He remained fairly coy about the topic at the start of the offseason and didn’t exactly inspire hope when he skipped OTAs to chuck footballs off of a yacht (on the bright side, he was technically still participating in football activities).

Tom’s wife Gisele has reportedly tried to get him to hang up his cleats but it appears the QB will be at the helm in New England this year (although it’s still unclear if he’ll be accompanied by his trusty sidekick Gronk). While I’m sure plenty of his competitors would like to see him retire sooner rather than later, they might have to wait longer than they’d like to based on a recent Instagram comment.

On Monday, ESPN’s Instagram account posted a quote from Brady addressing his mortality, and if Brady’s comment is to be believed, we’re going to see him in the league until he’s 45.

For those of you who didn’t get a C+ in Intermediate Spanish like I did (or read the tweet above), “cuarenta y cinco” means “45.” I’m assuming the seemingly random proverbial monkeys are meant to make his comment tongue-in-cheek but I’m also skeptical that a 40-year-old knows the proper way to use emojis (it seems like the “speak no evil” monkey on its own would have been more appropriate).

I’m glad he’ll have plenty of time to work on his goal of reaching 1,000 career rushing yards.