Identical Triplets Known As ‘Trio To Rio’ Will Be The First Triplets In Olympics History And Olympic Village Just Got Three Times Hotter

Identical triplets Leila, Liina, and Lily Luik from Estonia have qualified to run the marathon at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. According to this Business Insider video, they’ll be the first triplets in the history of the Olympic Games.

Oddly enough, they’re not competitive with each other? That seems off. Like, that has to be a lie. Three women who look¬†exactly the same aren’t going to push each other to be better? And STILL make the Olympics? They want to finish together? That would be one wild three-way tie, holding hands, and exploding brains.

The sisters put the Rio in Trio and even have a Facebook page called, “Trio to Rio” that should have Bob Costas doing somersaults.

I’m no runner, but those are some super weird, yet mesmerizing, stretches these ladies got goin’ on. Cue all the track stars trashing me for not knowing pre-run stretches. Be honest, that one stretch looks like a new dance craze at all the hippest underground Euro night clubs.

We just hope the Luik triplets have been boning up on their health news, so they don’t contract the Zika virus while boning up on other Olympians down in Brazil. Olympic Village is known to be a hot bed of hotties in beds and that’s why Olympians have been getting an unfathomable amount of condoms to keep it clean. The Australians have the clear edge in that sport as they’ve been equipped with the world’s first Zika-proof condoms.

Gotta love the first comment on YouTube: “They’re clones…” I wouldn’t be shocked. That’s some good clonin’, scientists.


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