UCF’s Salty Reaction To Missing The College Football Playoff Belongs In The Meme Hall Of Fame

ucf college football playoff meme reaction

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Alabama might technically be considered the best team in college football but you could make the argument there’s one other squad that’s actually worthy of the title— at least as far as records are concerned.

On Saturday, the University of Central Florida successfully defended its AAC title and secured the program’s 25th straight win with a victory over Memphis.

The Knights came into the season with a chip on their shoulder following their 2017 campaign, where they dubbed themselves national champions and spent the majority of the offseason celebrating accordingly.

During this time, UCF conducted a master class in trolling by doing things like giving its players championship rings.

UCF’s claim was made possible by the power of transitive property, and while they might not actually be a better team than Alabama, they’d sure love to get a chance to prove it.

The team might feel like they can hang with the big boys and there were plenty of people who came into the season hoping they’d eventually get the chance.

Many fans maintained there was a path UCF could take to get to the College Football Playoff and got in way too deep trying to figure out exactly how they might be able to overcome the odds.

Unfortunately, their résumé failed to impress the College Football Playoff Committee, which ultimately decided not to send an invite UCF’s way when setting the slate for this year’s tournament.

There was no reason to suspect the Knights would suddenly surge in the rankings ahead of Sunday’s announcement, so while the exclusion wasn’t particularly shocking, that didn’t stop people from reacting to the perceived snub.

Based on its track record, you knew it was only a matter of time until UCF issued a response and did so in the form of an A+ tweet taking aim at the committee.

Never change, UCF. Never change.

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