What Tom Brady Actually Said While Sitting Courtside With Julian Edelman And Jimmy Fallon Had Nothing To Do With Patriots


The Tom Brady offseason hysteria hit yet another level on Saturday when the free-agent quarterback sat courtside at the North Carolina – Syracuse game with Julian Edelman and Jimmy Fallon.

During the broadcast, cameras got up close and personal to the trio and Edelman decided to blurt out ‘he’s coming back.’ You could clearly hear Edelman’s statement, but the broadcast didn’t pick up the audio of what Brady said after a rather awkward pause.

People were left reading Brady’s lips and guessing what he said, but it turns out that he wasn’t even reacting to Edelman. In the video below somebody asked Brady what he told Jim Boeheim before tipoff in which Brady responded with ‘he’s got it.’

That’s it, that’s the moment NFL Twitter was freaking out about all weekend.

Later during the game, however, Brady and Edelman were seen FaceTiming with former teammate now Titans head coach Mike Vrabel. Brady has been linked to the Titans for much of the offseason so this drove fans wild as well.

People are going to continue trying to read between the lines and put the Brady puzzle together in any way possible due to the fact he’s kept his plans so under wraps up to this point, but it doesn’t appear that Brady said anything of importance on camera during his courtside moment with Edelman.

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