Yankees Stars Slam Beers At The Rangers’ Playoff Game, Anthony Rizzo Chugs Like A Pro

Three Yankees Stars Chug Beers At The New York Rangers Playoff Game

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  • Anthony Rizzo, Aaron Judge, and DJ LeMahieu of the Yankees chugged beers at the Rangers’ playoff game Thursday night.
  • Rizzo downed his with ease, while fans mocked Judge and LeMahieu’s poor beer chugging skills.
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With the New York Yankees having a rare day off on Thursday, three of the team’s stars, Anthony Rizzo, Aaron Judge, and DJ LeMahieu decided to take in the New York Rangers’ playoff game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Naturally, with three of the city’s baseball stars in attendance at Game 2 of the Rangers’ first-round series, cameras quickly located the sluggers.

With their faces now up on the big board for all of the rollicking crowd to see, the three Yankees decided to slam what was left of their beers, much to the delight of the fans.

While none of the three players had what appeared to be a full beer, Rizzo looked like an absolute pro chugging the rest of his. This obviously wasn’t his first rodeo. Judge and LeMahieu, however, gave very Aaron Rodgers-like efforts with the rest of what was in their cups. (Rodgers famously went viral back in 2019 for his poor beer chugging skills at a Milwaukee Bucks playoff game.)

Fans had jokes about the Yankees’ beer chugging abilities

Fans on social media were quick to jump on Aaron Judge and DJ LeMahieu’s dismal beer chugging efforts.

Back in 2019, after Aaron Rodgers’ poor beer chugging display, several other NFL quarterbacks were able to redeem their position in the sport by showing they had what it takes.

Matthew Stafford, Tom Brady, and Baker Mayfield all followed up Rodgers’ failure with top notch beer-chugging efforts.

Things got so out of hand back then that Mike Greenberg even had legendary beer chugger Stone Cold Steve Austin on Get Up to provide some analysis of a few athletes’ abilities to rapidly drink a beer.

Packers lineman David Bakhtiari is an absolute legend.