Warren Buffett Rejected This Entrepreneur’s Dinner Invite, Gave Her Three Pieces Of Advice Instead

by 1 year ago
Warren Buffett Entrepreneur Dinner Invite Advice

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A 24-year-old entrepreneur invited billionaire Warren Buffet to have dinner with her. He turned her down, but he didn’t totally reject her. Instead of joining her for dinner he gave her something far more valuable: three solid pieces of advice.

Eight years ago, Kathy Xiaosi Gong was at a White House Mentorship and Leadership Program gala dinner for women aged 25 and over. She was in attendance, despite the fact that she was only 24-years-old, after she convinced the organizers of the dinner that her age was irrelevant as to whether or not she should be allowed to be a part of the event.

Considering that Gong was China’s youngest-ever national chess champion at just 10-years-old, she may have had a point.

Especially when, after when finding herself in the same room as financial guru Buffet, she decided to shoot her shot and invited him to have dinner with her.

“I saw my opportunity and I just had to take it,” Gong told CNBC Make It at Money 20/20 in Singapore.

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