The Internet Has Uncovered Ben Affleck’s Finsta

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I’m too old for a Finstagram — that chapter of social media passed me by. Simply after my time. As far as I understand, kids these days have multiple Instagram accounts: one is their “main” account and the other is their “Finsta”, which — I believe — means Fake-Instagram. And they’re apparently not just for snooping around IG undetected — apparently people also post content on their Finstas. Good lord, I’m only 27-years-old and I sound like I’m 47, that’s how rapidly internet culture changes.

Sure, I’ve got a burner Twitter account, but Twitter is a place where you share opinions and involve yourself in conversations, so I understand the function of a burner on Twitter. On Instagram, though, it’s above my head.

For celebrities like Ben Affleck, though, a Finsta — which, honestly, only sounds more outrageous every time I type it out — seems like a necessity, as being able to carve out any semblance of a private life is probably key to their sanity.

And that leads us to the point of this article, Ben Affleck’s apparent Finsta, “PositiveAttitudeHunting”, an obvious nod to the Academy Award-winning film that kickstarted his career, Good Will Hunting. “Ben – Just a Dad who sometimes makes movies,” the bio reads.

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As I’ve said this before, once life eventually goes back to normal, we’re going to see Affleck make a third career comeback. The Way Back, which was one of the last movies to be released in theaters before the world fell apart, was solid. He’s also got another three films coming out in the near future: Deep Water with his girlfriend Ana de ArmasThe Last Duel with his buddy Matt Damon and Adam Driver, and of course, The Snyder Cut of Justice League. Affleck 2K21, y’all!

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