Cowboys Fans Are Fighting With Each Other Over A List Of The Best QBs In Team History And It’s Hilarious

Dallas Cowboys Fans Are Fighting Over Best QBs In Franchise History

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The Dallas Cowboys may not have won a Super Bowl in 25 years, and only won four playoff games in that same timespan, but no one can say that the team hasn’t had some prettay good quarterbacks at the helm over the franchise’s storied history.

Over the team’s 60 seasons it has been led by excellent signal callers like Don Meredith, Craig Morton, Roger Staubach, Danny White, Troy Aikman, Steve Pelluer, Chad Hutchinson, Quincy Carter, Vinny Testaverde, Matt Cassell, Tony Romo, and Dak Prescott.

That’s one hell of a list for sure. But ranking them? That’s a little more difficult.

That didn’t stop legendary Dallas Cowboys talent evaluator Gil Brandt from trying anyway.

In the 86-year-old football wizard’s eyes, it goes Staubach at number one, followed by Aikman, Precott, White, and then Romo.

Staubach and Aikman are kind of no-brainers at one and two, though you could argue that they should be switched since Troy won three Super Bowls while Roger won just two, plus Aikman threw for over 10,000 more yards.

Cowboys Fans Are Fighting Over Best QBs In Franchise History

After that, however, things start to get a little dicey.

Romo, for example, is the Cowboys’ all time passing leader in yards and touchdowns. Danny White is fourth in passing yards, and third in touchdowns. Prescott, meanwhile, still ranks behind all four of the QBs Brandt lists, plus Don Meredith in both touchdown passes and passing yards. Romo also won more games in his career than White and, so far, Dak.

So, because Cowboys fans gonna Cowboys fan, they started fighting with one another over where certain quarterbacks *cough Romo cough* should be ranked.

It has been a very entertaining “discussion.” Here’s just a taste…

Nailed it.