The ‘Fake Melania’ Trump Conspiracy Theory Is Back And It’s Better Than Ever

The Fake Melania Conspiracy Theory Is Back And Its Better Than Ever

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It’s back! The “Fake Melania” Trump conspiracy theory has reared its head again and this time people are CONVINCED she uses a body double.

I have to admit. I do love it when crackpots people come up with wild conspiracy theories. Especially when they are about other humans.

There was a good one awhile back that claims Avril Lavigne is dead and has been replaced by a clone. (Something she didn’t deny!)

Then there’s the one where Disney supposedly killed, cloned and buried the real Miley Cyrus in the desert. Totally believable.

A Taylor Swift conspiracy theory claims the singer is an Illuminati clone of a Satanic church leader. Also believable.

Of course, sports fans are also always down for a good conspiracy theory.

Another one of my faves is the one that claims Donald Trump was killed by the Illuminati and we elected a clone as President. Seems likely.

That one dovetails nicely with the whole “Fake Melania” conspiracy, as well as with #HillarysBodyDouble.

Speaking of which, over the weekend the Trumps visited Alabama to view the damage and attend a memorial after a tornado ripped through the area.

While at the memorial, a photo of The Donald and Melania had people, many people, scratching their heads because the woman holding hands with the President sure doesn’t look like The First Lady. Like, not at all.


Good point.

Also worth investigating?

God, I love conspiracy theories.