Check Out Tons Of Great Easter Eggs, Secret References And Deleted Scenes From Stephen King’s ‘IT’

it movie easter eggs references deleted scenes

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Our man Mr. Sunday Movies is back with another very in-depth edition of his Easter Eggs, Secret References and Deleted Scenes for this month’s most popular film, Stephen King’s IT.

Well, technically Ben from Canada did it this time as Mr. Sunday Movies was away from his amazingly fast editing machine, but there are no less amount of goodies to sift through in this latest video.

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So, if you enjoyed having the ever-loving crap scared out of you by Pennywise in the movie IT (who can be almost as creepy in real life) then you’re going to really get a kick out of these Easter eggs, secret references and deleted scenes, many of which tie into Stephen King’s original 1986 novel as well as the miniseries that aired back in 1990.

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