This Larry David Mashup Of The Prince Harry-Meghan Markle Interview May Send Piers Morgan Over The Edge

Harpo Productions/Joe Pugliese via Getty Images

Are we still doing the “Won the Internet” thing or did that die with the “All the Feels” tag that I put in 65% of my headlines in 2018? I don’t know how to be cool anymore.

In any event, I have stumbled upon something that is guaranteed to tickle you if your name is not Piers Morgan, who evidently is willing to die for a lock of the Queen’s hair. What a weirdo.

Context: In an interview with Oprah that was viewed by 17 million voyeuristic Americans, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle claimed that a member of the Royal Family expressed “concern” about the skin tone of their first child, Archie. The Buckingham Palace subsequently released a statement saying they will address the situation in-family, and via Oprah, Harry clarified that it was neither Queen Elizabeth II nor Prince Phillip who made the comments about his son.

Heavy stuff, so let’s make it a bit lighter with the help of Larry David.

Wasn’t that hilar–

How about this one? Better?

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