Mike Tyson Tells Joe Rogan He Thinks Human Beings Are ‘Descendants Of Aliens’

Promoter Explains Why Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr Fight Was Postponed

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Mike Tyson has been making headlines a lot lately, with his highly-anticipated return to the boxing ring against Roy Jones Jr. recently postponed until November 29th. At 54, Tyson looks absolutely jacked, sharing fearsome and ferocious training videos of his boxing workouts and talking about how other fighters like Conor McGregor wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

In preparation for his return to boxing, Iron Mike went on Joe Rogan’s podcast for an interview the clocks in at over two hours. This is the second time Tyson has been on the Joe Rogan Experience; in 2019, for episode #1227, the legendary heavyweight boxer went on the show to talk about his cannabis consumption and business endeavors in the marijuana industry, most notably with his Tyson Ranch cannabis resort concept out in the desert in California City near Edwards Air Force Base.

Amongst the topics covered in the most recent podcast between Rogan, a legendary combat sports commenter for UFC, and The Champ:

  • Tyson compares stepping in the ring to fight people like getting an orgasm, saying “It’s orgasmic some times”
  • Shortly after that statement, a nervous moment where Tyson dead-eyes a laughing Rogan and says “I’m serious.”
  • Tyson is interested in history’s great conquerors like Alexander The Great
  • Tyson says he’s going to fight eight rounds against Roy Jones Jr.
  • Tyson is no longer a vegan. Trashes all over eating kale, said he couldn’t stand it.
  • Rogan, at the very end when talking about potential future guests with Tyson: “I’d like to get high with Bill Clinton”

Naturally, the conversation veered into true Joe Rogan territory (minus the saunas), briefly talking about psychedelics (Tyson likes mushrooms). Forever true to form, Joe Rogan asked Tyson if he believes in aliens.

His answer is a fastball right down the middle. Not only does Tyson believe in aliens, he believes human beings are descendants of aliens.

Here’s a transcribe of the exchange, which Tyson tees up while waxing philosophically about the universe:

“Listen, there’s more stars in space than there are grains of sand in the desert. “Can you imagine that?”

“If all you got for an explanation is Adam and Eve, if all you can hit me with is Adam and Eve, I’m going with Aliens.” 

“Well listen, when certain tribes of people – I’m not saying Caucasians when they came to Africa, even before that. When people came to other people, the first time they seen them, they were “aliens”

“The first time an Asian man saw a Caucasian man, that was an ‘alien’. A black man saw an Asian man or a white man, that was an ‘alien’. Maybe they weren’t aliens, but that’s what they thought they were.

“They were just a tribe of people that encountered them. Perhaps they were getting extinct, they were dying and they had to breed the lower – whatever you were saying – lower hominids, and this is us.”

The exchange begins at the 1:34:15 mark in the podcast.