The Person Who Went Viral For Peeling The Breading Off Of Their Chicken Nuggets Should Be Banned From Eating Food

peeled chicken nuggets


It’s been a big week in the news for chicken nuggets so far, as Wendy’s recently announced that it’s bringing back their spicy variety after an online campaign sparked by Chance the Rapper and a shop got a fair amount of attention by putting them into ice cream.

During any other week, the latter probably would have been the most absurd nugget-related story out there but that’s no longer the case thanks to someone who recently went viral for committing one of the gravest sins against food that I’ve ever seen.

We’ve covered a fair amount of culinary crimes over the years here at BroBible and I’ve cringed at the mere thought of pizza topped with mustard and had to stop myself from vomiting at the idea of mayo-flavored ice cream.

However, I don’t know if anything has angered me more than a post I recently came across from someone who peels the skin off of their chicken nuggets.

There were more than a few twisted souls who admitted to doing the same but plenty of people were decidedly not down with the cause.

Sure, it might be a healthier option than other fast food offerings but if you’re trying to be healthy you shouldn’t be eating fast food in the first place. I know there’s no law against doing what they did, but now that they have, I think we need to seriously think about passing one.