Family Of Pentagon Investigator Had Encounter With Werewolf, According To UFO Files

Family Of Pentagon Investigator Had Encounter With Werewolf According To UFO Files


  • A Pentagon investigator’s family had not one, but two encounters with a werewolf-like creature, according to UFO files.
  • The creature reportedly walked on two hind legs and was spotted twice staring into their home in Virginia.
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The United States government not only has secret files on aliens and UFOs, they apparently also have reports on the paranormal and cryptozoology. Not that they would ever admit it.

Fortunately, these days we have this little thing called the internet, so the government’s wall of secrecy is slowly, but surely being chipped away.

Thanks to the internet, numerous former high-ranking government officials and military personnel that were involved in investigating UFOs, aliens, and the like have come forward to share their stories.

One such story was told recently by retired Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) intelligence officer James Lacatski and retired CIA operations officer Jim Semivan, who both worked on a secret Pentagon program investigating UFOs.

“People say, ‘Well, we’re only going to look at the nuts-and-bolts machines.’ Well, you better come up with a lot of physics. It’s far more advanced than we’re capable of now,” Lacatski, who set up the UFO program that ran from 2008 to 2010, told “And then there’s others who say, ‘Well, they’re nothing more than ghosts. Part of the paranormal world.’

“No, they’re a hybrid of both,” he added.

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After the Nimitz investigation, the sailor and two Marines were sent to a Utah property known as Skinwalker Ranch, where Bigelow, the owner, had funded his own private research of UFO and paranormal activity over the previous decade.

Skinwalker sits on just over 500 acres of steppe land near the town of Ballard in northeastern Utah. It has long been an alleged epicenter of strange happenings, dating back to tales from the Native American Ute tribe and Navajo people, who believe in malevolent witches called skinwalkers who can transform into animal-like creatures.

Creatures like a werewolf.

The government was conspicuously silent when asked it if it investigates werewolf sightings

The three active-duty service members, whose identities have been concealed by the researchers and the Defense Department, allegedly witnessed a black void on the land that filled them with fear. Lacatski and Kelleher claim the men experienced paranormal activity after leaving the ranch and returning to homes in the Washington, D.C., area, such as orbs, dark figures in bedrooms at night, and strange noises.

The wife and two teen children of the sailor who investigated the Nimitz incident claimed to have seen a wolf-like creature that walked on two hind legs staring into their Virginia home on two occasions. asked the Pentagon whether it could confirm the paranormal research. “No,” was the one-word response from Sue Gough, the department’s spokesperson on UFOs.

According to, “the legislation passed in December ordering a new Pentagon office to investigate UFOs has no stated connection to the paranormal, but it mirrors some aspects of the earlier DIA program.”

“There are too many things that are unexplained that we just need an explanation for,” said Emily Harding, the deputy director and senior fellow in the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Things like people having an encounter with a werewolf.

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