Rockstar Gives Us The Biggest Hint Yet About The ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Release Date And You Might Not Want To Hold Your Breath

rockstar hints gta 6 release date


Despite the fact that hundreds of millions of people have played video games that allow you to shoot characters with the various firearms at your disposal, almost all of them have managed to resist the urge to buy a gun and go on a killing spree in real life because they possess the ability to differentiate between the real world and virtual ones.

However, that hasn’t stop pearl-clutchers from constantly attempting to blame violent games for crimes that are perpetrated in real life and none of them have drawn more ire over the years than the titles in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

While the first GTA game was released in 1997, the series didn’t really hit its stride until Grand Theft Auto III came out in 2001, which was fairly revolutionary for its time and set the standard for sandbox games. Rockstar only continued to outdo itself from there with Vice City and San Andreas, and while GTA IV was about as well-received as its predecessors, the company truly outdid itself when it released the fifth installment in 2013.

Thanks in no small part to its wildly successful online component, GTA V would go on to become not just the most profitable video game ever but the most successful entertainment property the world has ever seen, as it had raked in over $6 billion as of a couple of years ago—a sum that has undoubtedly risen quite a bit since then based on the fact that it’s still one of the top-selling games in the world.

When you consider four years is the longest GTA fans had previously had to wait for a new installment, there’s been an incredible amount of speculation about when the sixth one will be unleashed upon the world. There has been a steady stream of alleged leaks in recent years from purported insiders but Rockstar has kept an incredibly tight lid on whatever they have in the works.

A couple of years ago, sources claimed the company was waiting for the release of the next generation of consoles to drop GTA 6, and based on the fact that it hasn’t even been officially announced yet, it would appear that is indeed the case.

However, those hoping the release will coincide with the debut of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are probably going to be disappointed by a recent development that suggests we could still be a while away from a Narcos-inspired game that will transport players back to Vice City in the 1970s if rumors are to be believed.

According to Essentially Sports, Rockstar recently filed an SEC report that included their proposed marketing budget for the next few years and revealed they are planning on spending almost $90 million between the beginning of April in 2023 and the end of March the following year.

Like basically all of the news related to this topic, we can only speculate on what this means, but when you consider that sum is more than twice what they’re planning on shelling out over any other annual period, it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to assume we might have to wait until 2023 (or even as late as 2024) for GTA 6 to arrive.

We’ve already waited for over six years, so I guess we can endure a few more, but at the same time, I really, really hope we won’t have to.

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