Now There’s A ‘Sexy College Admissions Scandal’ Halloween Costume Making People Irate

Because if we know one thing for certain, it’s that people love nothing more than to discover something they don’t like so they can loudly express their complete and utter outrage at its existence.

The smarter people in our society understand this all too well and have figured out that if you can concoct something that will rustle people’s jimmies you will not only sell a lot more of that product, you will also get loads and loads of free publicity.

This is something the folks over at specialty apparel and costume company Yandy have been using to their advantage for several years now.

In 2018, they released a “sexy Handmaid’s Tale” Halloween costume which they certainly had to know was going to cause a sh*tton of backlash, and rightfully so.

This year, they’ve gone one better, releasing not one, but TWO costumes that people have determined to be offensive.

The first one to go viral was Yandy’s “sexy Mister Rogers” Halloween costume. Things got so bad with that one that the model who wore the costume in promotional photos, Dessie Mitcheson, was getting cyberbullied by people from Pittsburgh – Fred Rogers’ hometown (and hers!).

The second, and more recent costume to upset people, is Yandy’s “sexy College Admissions Scandal” Halloween costume.

THat’s right… a Halloween costume based on the bribery scandal that’s already nabbed Felicity Huffman and will more than likely be putting our beloved Aunt Becky, Lori Loughlin, behind bars.

Cue the outrage, right? Right.

Not sure about that last complaint, but it’s apparently gotten bad enough that Yandy has had to issue a statement.

“Every year Yandy looks for opportunities to take inspiration from current trends and pop-culture events,” Alicia Thompson, Director Of Brand Marketing for, told People. “College scandal is clearly on the minds of everyone right now and we felt it was the perfect opportunity to showcase a sexy two piece body suit that pokes fun at this current national obsession. Of course at Yandy University we accept everyone.”

You know what I think about all of this?