A ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Discovered A Heartwrenching Little Detail Most Viewers Would Never Have Noticed

by 7 months ago
stranger things hopper eleven bracelet hairtie


There are so many little details on Stranger Things, from homages to Easter eggs to fan theories and more, that the average viewer probably misses 90% of them.

However, when they are pointed out to you, many times the reaction is, “Wow, how did I miss that?”

This is probably not one of those cases.

I don’t know who these people are that take the time to notice these things, these “strange” things, but I am glad that they exist.

Because this teeny, tiny little detail only serves to make me love Chief Hopper even more than I already do. And I really didn’t think that was possible. (I swear, Duffer Brothers, if you ever kill him off I will riot.)

Okay, sorry, back to the subject at hand. I assume that others have also discovered this little tidbit of Stranger Things goodness, but I am giving credit to Twitter user @ThatEricAlper because that’s where I saw it first.

Ready? Here we go…

Remember back in season one of Stranger Things when there were flashbacks to Hopper’s daughter Sara and she was wearing a blue hairtie? Of course you don’t, because why on Earth would you? But she was, and this is key…

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