TikToker Goes Viral After Discovering Outline Of ‘Dead Body’ With Case Number Underneath Her Carpet

TikToker Discovers Dead Body Outline With Case Number Under Carpet


  • A woman on TikTok pulled back the carpet in her new home and made a startling discovery.
  • Underneath the carpet appears to be the outline of a dead body along with a case number.
  • The bizarre TikTok video has now been viewed over 5 million times.
  • More weird news here.

Man, can you imagine a time in history when there wasn’t TikTok? How awful that must have been. Where did we get our fix of food hacks, cautionary tales, family dramas, unsolvable mysteries and creepy houses?

Speaking of unsolvable mysteries and creepy houses, a woman on TikTok (@dontbeanashhole) recently went viral on the video sharing platform after posting a video of her home – a home where someone died before she bought it.

In the video, which has been viewed over 5 million times, we see the TikToker peel back the carpet in one of her house’s rooms. Underneath the carpet, outlined in black marker is the shape of a dead body. Also written on the floor are the words “Case091101” and a date: 01/19/2018.

“I wasn’t bothered knowing someone had died in my new house, but imagine my surprise when I ripped up the floor and found this,” the woman says after discovering the dead body outline.

“Okay, but this is actually a little creepy.”


It’s cool. Everything is fine. 😅 ##newhouse ##creepy ##diyhomedecor

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“Share this to a million views and we’ll do the peroxide test,” she added in the comments.

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Since the video went way past a million views, she went ahead and did “the peroxide test” which proved… not a whole lot because hydrogen peroxide alone doesn’t definitively prove that blood is present. The bubbling seen in the TikTok video below could be caused by any number of enzymes, not just blood.


Reply to @jordyneverett1 You asked for it.. what do you think? 😳 ##newhouse ##28XTREMES

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But yeah. Someone definitely died in her house. Or at least that’s what many viewers thought.

“This needs to be decontaminated,” a viewer commented.

“Decomp soaks into the floors & walls. They’re supposed to remove it but people wanna be cheap. So unfair to you. Did they lower the price?” someone else wrote.

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Not everyone was a believer though.

“Ya’ll are gullible. That’s not even the proportions of a human body,” wrote another viewer.

“That’s not how they outline bodies lmao,” laughed another.

“Whoever installed the carpet drew that to freak out whoever removed the carpet. We did this to our old house when we [put] laminate down. It’s a joke,” another viewer commented.

Later, reminding viewers of The Conjuring 3, she decided to take a look underneath her house. It doesn’t appear that any satanic totems appear to have been placed down there.


Since we’re all wondering… Maybe we should see what’s alllll the way underneath? 😳 ##SendHelp ##conjuringhorror ##creepy

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