Mysterious UFO Shaped Like A Skeleton Key Filmed Hovering In The Sky Over Massachusetts

UFO Shaped Like A Skeleton Key Filmed Flying Over Massachusetts


Another week, another unidentified flying object spotted checking out planet Earth. This time the UFO in question was filmed soaring high above Plymouth County in Massachusetts.

What makes this Massachussetts UFO of particular interest is its rather unique look. This UFO appears to be somewhat similar in shape, at least from the angle that it was filmed, to a skeleton key.

UFO and alien expert Scott Waring, when discussing this UFO on his website, hypothesized that his first thought was the object caught on video was “many black balloons tied together so they can’t fly away.”

Waring then quickly shot down his own guess, “However, they should not be lined up like this and if it were balloons it would not be able to accelerate and speed away, as the eyewitness says.”

Speaking of the eyewitness, according to him, “The object flew parallel to our heads, I would say no further than the length of a football field away from us. I saw that it was about the size of a helicopter, if not larger, but couldn’t tell what it was. That is why I took my camera out and began filming.

“By the time I got my phone out, the object had already begun accelerating away from us. While it may appear to be hovering in the video, it is actually traveling forward at a great deal of speed.

“I could see the shape of the structure clearly, and could see the ovular shaped black orb and what appeared to be a caterpillar like tail. As I stated, the craft came close enough to us that I could distinguish only two things. One, that there was no visible human navigating the device, and two, that I have never seen something like this before.”

Interestingly, at one point during the roughly two-minute video a commercial jet is also seen flying in the sky. Makes one wonder if those pilots saw anything unusual.

Waring also pointed out something that we have seen filmed numerous times before when he wrote, “Alien orbs … might take a shape bundling together like this and following each other in a hive like state.”

The person who shot the video says he is pretty familiar with drones and doesn’t believe that’s what he saw.

Could this Massachussetts UFO be something similar to the orbs captured on video floating in the sky above New York back in 2010?

Maybe… and some day, if we keep investigating and forcing the issue, we’ll all know for sure because…

the truth is out there


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