Donald Trump Crushes ‘All I Do Is Win’ By DJ Khaled In This Scary Yet Fitting Mash-Up Lip Dub

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Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images

The mash-up lip dub mastermind ‘baracksdubs’ is known for stitching together clips of Barack Obama to make it look like he’s singing or rapping top tracks from hot artists. Now, he’s released his first ever ‘Trump-dub’ in which The Donald performs “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled.

And, well, yeah, so far all Trump does is win. Kinda mind-blowing. And, it doesn’t matter what he does or says, he wins. Never has there been a more fitting lip dub than this. Trump basically said he wants Hillary Clinton assassinated. He told potential VP candidate Chris Christie to “lay off the Oreos“. Mark Cuban compared him to the guy at the bar who “will say anything to get laid” and, uh, IT’S WORKING! Despite the fact Trump is less liked than Nickelback.

Meanwhile, DJ Khaled’s words of wisdom and inspirational quotes have inspired entire websites, the Golden State Warriors, and little kids. Doesn’t matter what Khaled does – getting lost at sea, encountering raccoons, or working out on children’s playgrounds – all he does is win.

So, considering Donald’s presumed top five picks to be his Vice President are all terrible, I think Trump’s pick for VP is clear… Deeeee Jaaaaaay Khaled!

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