This Bro Is Mr Miyagi, This Pup Is The Karate Kid

by 6 years ago


The concept of a ‘release word’ is something you learn on the very first day of puppy training class, and it appears that this man-dog duo drove that concept home harder than any pair we’ve ever seen before.

The concept itself is pretty simple, you have the dog complete a task and they’re required to hold that task until you give the release word command. In this case it’s go.

So what makes this video incredible? There are tens of thousands of videos on YouTube from dog trainers who think the world cares what they do (hint: we don’t). Well, this bro seems to be all up in that dog’s head, and vice versa.

In fact he’s so far up in that dog’s head the two have concocted a world where time ceases to exist, the sky is falling, and up is down…until he says ‘GO’. But once he says go the world begins to spin faster than it ever has before, what has been is once more, because time is a flat circle….and he gets that sweet treat. He’s able to flip that treat up and sink his jaws into that juicy goodness…and it’s a beautiful moment. Enjoy.

via Tastefully Offensive


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