McDonald’s Invented A Fork Made Out Of French Fries And It’s Called The ‘Frork’, Because 2017

As a oxygen-breathing, food-loving human being, I’m convinced that mankind’s sense of decency and respectability was lost years ago, right around the time KFC introduced the Double Down and Burger King thought that a Bacon sundae was a delicious-sounding fast food menu item. Now we’re just circling the sun waiting for an astroid to knock us out of our gravitational orbit, with fast food marketing stunts getting weirder and weirder by the year.

The most recent head-scratcher comes from McDonald’s, home to the world’s best Coca-Cola Classic. It’s an item called the Frork and it’s another sign of humanity’s inevitable doom — A utensil where you use those delicious golden french fries as, you guessed it, a fork.

McDonald’s unveiled the Frork™ a uselessly useful utensil to help customers scoop up every bite of the premium ingredients in the Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ Bacon and Maple Bacon sandwiches of McDonald’s new Signature Crafted Recipes. The Frork is McDonald’s perfect-ish latest solution that helps solve a problem you never knew you had.

They even went full Billy Mays with an infomercial above. I’m not sure I’ve ever needed something more:

If you’re a savvy collector, go get it and stuff it in a time-locked safe in your basement before it becomes the next Szechuan Mulan McNugget Sauce…  

And hey, while we’re at it: McDonald’s — Now can you bring back McDonald’s Pizza before all us ’90s kids lose enthusiasm for such things? 

The Frok: Where have you been all my life?


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