17 New Workout Routines You’re Stupid For Not Trying Yet

by 4 years ago
New Workout Routines 2015


Are your typical workout routines getting old? Tired of doing the same squats, dumbbell exercises and cardio routines?

Well, you’re an idiot. There are countless new workout routines that will kick you right in the nuts but you’re refusal to check them out, or try them out, is leaving you listless in the gym and bored with way you look and feel.

And here’s the thing about these new workout routines — these aren’t just random articles and advice written by some bro who only does incline presses in his parent’s basement. These new workout routines are created by an industry fitness professional and experts who knowledgeable at muscle building, burning fat, training for specific sports and body types.

17 New Workout Routines For 2015

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