Now The Alliance Of American Football Won’t Release Players So They Can Play In The CFL

Alliance Of American Football Wont Release Players To The CFL

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In the span of just 44 days, the story of The Alliance of American Football (AAF) has gone from rather optimistic to complete and utter sh*tshow.

The league shut down mid-season. Players were left stranded and no way to pay medical bills. The league granted players “permission” to sign with NFL teams. Multiple class-action lawsuits were filed.

And now, The Alliance of American Football is refusing to allow players under contract with the league to sign with CFL teams, despite the aforementioned “permission” they gave allowing players to sign with NFL teams.

According to David William Naylor of TSN, the CFL issued a statement saying, “The Canadian Football League continues to have dialogue with the AAF. Until the player contracts are voided, CFL clubs will not be allowed to sign players who have a current contract with the AAF.”

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Why would the powers-that-be at the AAF not let players sign with CFL teams? Well…

Did you guess money?!

And did you guess that there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that any AAF player who signs with the CFL will be found guilty of breaching their contract after the AAF basically breached it first by, you know, shutting the entire league down?

Oh, and in related news, The Alliance of American Football can also now add another class action lawsuit against them. The hits just keep on coming.

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