Baker Mayfield Calls Out Stone Cold’s Chugging Skills And Challenges Tom Brady To A Drinking Contest

Baker Mayfield challenges Tom Brady to a drinking contest and reveals if he or Steve Austin is a better beer-chugger

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Baker Mayfield is my guy. As a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan, who was born and raised about 20 miles south of “The Land,” there’s nothing more refreshing to me than seeing how the second-year quarterback fully embraces the city, showing why he’s the perfect person to lead our franchise.

Sure, it’s nice to see the former No. 1 overall pick toss a rookie record for touchdown passes in a season. Or how he actually led the team to seven wins last year. Or how he’s always himself and isn’t afraid about any media backlash. He’s cocky. He’s talented. He’s young. He’s our fucking quarterback.

But, as great as all those traits and skills are, Baker Mayfield’s most redeeming quality is that he understands what Cleveland is, and the passion that sports fans have in the city. It’s why, a few weeks ago at an Indians game, he shotgunned TF out of a beer when he was shown on the Jumbotron, sending the entire baseball stadium into a different atmosphere by proving that he’s the best beer-chugging quarterback in the NFL. He did it his way, too, biting into a can of Miller Lite and sending those sweet suds right down his throat with ease. Here’s the video to show-off Baker’s skills, just in case you forgot.

Naturally, there were pundits pissed off that Baker Mayfield would, God-forbid, chug a beer like that. Lest we forget that this thing has sort of become commonplace, though. Aaron Rodgers tried it at a Milwaukee Bucks game. Last year’s NL MVP, Christian Yelich, did it at a Bucks game. Hell, even Tom Brady’s shown off his chugging skills on national TV before, meaning anyone should be able to do it without consequence or backlash.

And, during an interview with Complex, Mayfield was asked about that whole beer chug thing from the Indians game, as well as what he thought about Stone Cold Steve Austin’s critique of the guzzle — which scored an A+ from the legendary wrestler. Mayfield’s response? Well, it’s classic Baker.

Your beer chug at the Indians game went viral quickly. Stone Cold Steve Austin gave you an A+ grade on the chug.

“That’s my guy.”

Where would you rank yourself against the other QBs in the NFL? You’re up there?

“I’d have to set myself up there. It wasn’t like a regular cup.”

You did it your own way.

“I’d like to say that, which most of my story has been my own way. I’d put myself up there against Tom [Brady]. Tom versus time, clock is ticking on how to chug a beer the fastest.

OK, so you against Stone Cold. You guys go head to head—you got it?

“He used to have it.”

Used to have it? Not anymore?

“No. You can tell him I said that. On the record. He’ll come over here and kick my ass.” [Laughs.]

You absolutely have to love the confidence that Baker Mayfield has here. Not only does he call-out Brady and his beer-drinking skills, but, damn, to go after Stone Cold — who made a living chugging brews nearly every single night in the wrestling ring — now that’s bold. It’s just another reason why Mayfield is our quarterback, and why he’s got the Browns thinking playoffs and (gulp), possibly, the Super Bowl.

To see the full interview with Baker Mayfield, make sure to head on over to Complex.

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