Baker Mayfield Hilariously Referenced His Arrest After Being Asked About His Most Valuable College Lesson

baker mayfield college lesson running cops

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Baker Mayfield had a college career that was impressive enough to convince the Browns to select him with the first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft but his time in school wasn’t without its fair share of controversy.

After running into some unreconcilable differences during his freshman season at Texas Tech, he would eventually find himself with the Oklahoma Sooners, where he’d play for three seasons—the last of which was shrouded in its fair share of controversy.

After upsetting Ohio State in 2017, Mayfield rustled some jimmies when he planted an OU flag in the middle of his opponent’s field, and while he would apologize for his actions, he claimed he had no real regrets about the situation.

Mayfield would follow up that performance by grabbing his crotch and cussing out the Kansas sideline during a game before apologizing yet again and then capped off his college career by fucking with Georgia while preparing for the Rose Bowl.

On Thursday, a reporter at Browns training camp asked Mayfield the most valuable lesson he learned while he was in college. However, his answer had nothing to do with any of the aforementioned on-field incidents but rather one that took place before any of them unfolded.

As you may or may not recall, Mayfield was the star of an infamous video where he attempted to drunkenly flee from the police and failed miserably.

Mayfield previously made light of the situation when he broke down the film last year but I’m glad to see he’s decided to provide the children of the world with this cautionary tale.

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