Ben Simmons Mocking His Own Shooting Abilities In An Australian Commercial Is A Tough Look After Playoff Woes

Ben Simmons 76ers jump shot

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  • Ben Simmons is a terrible shooter and he mocked himself in an Australian commercial.
  • The timing of the commercial is worse than his jumper.
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It has been a tough week for Ben Simmons. The 76ers lost Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals to the Hawks and the entire city made him the scapegoat. Head coach Doc Rivers threw Simmons under the bus, Joel Embiid said that Simmons’ poor decision making was the reason that they lost, and even the Orlando Magic threw shade in Simmons’ direction.

You know things aren’t going well when the Magic are making jokes.

While much of the criticism for his poor play is warranted, the way in which he has become a figure of failure is wild. Philadelphia fans are burning Simmons jerseys in the streets and he has been eviscerated on sports talk shows all week.

To add salt to the wound, a commercial has been airing in Australia that makes him look pretty silly. Either that, or it shows that Simmons doesn’t care what people think about him. Perhaps a little bit of both.

Simmons’ shooting.

Ben Simmons is one of the worst jump shooters in the league. It’s hard to even call him a jump shooter because he just doesn’t have one. He can rebound, he pass, he can make layups and he can dunk, but he cannot shoot.

In a commercial that is only airing on Australian television, Simmons acknowledges his struggles and makes a joke at his own expense. Simmons is a Melbourne-native, something that people forget.

The 30-second singsong spot is for Australian meat pie company Four’n Twenty, which actually sells its product at Wells Fargo Center during 76ers home games.

During the commercial, the chorus sings, “When Ben Simmons makes a three…” as Simmons is shown on a jumbotron. He takes a basketball and flips it over his head toward the basket. It hits off of the wall and then the bleachers before falling into the hoop.

The shot goes in and Simmons gives a nod as the chorus continues, “we give a big high five.”

While it’s nice to see some personality and self-deprecating humor from Simmons, the commercial premiered on May 27th, right before his terrible stretch of playoff performances. Tough look.