An Adult Streaming Site Offers To Help The NFL With The Technical Issues Threatening To Derail The Draft

camsoda nfl draft streaming issues help

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Theaters on Broadway have been closed for over a month as even the most diehard lovers of the stage were forced to acknowledge there are certain situations where the show, in fact, should not go on but plenty of people are doing what they can to conduct business as usual in these decidedly unusual times.

The NFL Draft was scheduled to take place in Las Vegas this weekend but the league hit a bit of a speed bump after Sin City basically closed for business. Given the circumstances, it didn’t seem like the general managers who asked Roger Goodell to postpone the event were being unreasonable, which is the word I’d use to define his decision to punish any executives who dare question his supreme judgment.

After examining the options, the NFL decided the best course of action was holding a virtual draft, meaning the commissioner will be announcing picks from his basement as opposed to at a podium surrounded by hordes of fans who hate him (although he’s suggested booing might still be on the table).

This was really the only feasible solution but it also presented a number of potential issues, as at least one team expressed concern over potentially being hacked and some coaches and executives were wary of allowing people into their homes to install the equipment being used to mitigate the possibility of a disaster unfolding on draft night.

However, based on the reportedly disastrous dry run that took place on Monday, it appears the biggest liability is actually the technological ineptitude of GMs and other participants whose preferred form of troubleshooting is probably yelling at inanimate objects to work before recruiting a younger member of their household to “fix this fucking useless piece of shit.”

Anyone who’s recently tried to get their parents to figure out how Zoom works could’ve seen this coming from a mile away, and now, the NFL only has a couple of days to figure out a remedy.

Luckily, the league has someone willing to help out, as adult streaming site CamSoda has offered up the services of the IT professionals who make sure its performers don’t encounter any technical setbacks while keeping their fans entertained to make sure the NFL will be able to do the same.

Oh, and they also threw in some free memberships for good measure.

camsoda nfl draft streaming issues help


CamSoda has previously offered to endorse Gardner Minshew and told Mitch Trubisky it’d be happy to provide him with some alternative entertainment after he tried to have every television in the Bears practice facility turned off. I doubt Goodell will end up reaching out but I guess only time will tell if he’ll regret it based on how things go on Thursday.

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