Fan Creates 22 Minute Video ‘Proving’ Super Bowl LIV Was Rigged In Favor Of Patrick Mahomes And The Chiefs

Fan Creates 22 Minute Video Proving Super Bowl Was Rigged For Chiefs

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Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? They are almost without fail fascinating regardless of how plausible they are. In fact, The more unhinged they are the better. Especially when it comes to sports and in particular, the NFL.

More often than not, the NFL conspiracy theories relate to something the New England Patriots did or will do. But they were bounced early on during this year’s NFL playoffs (#TitanUp) so the tin foil hat society had to focus their efforts elsewhere.

So, instead of New England, the focus this year falls on our newest NFL champions, the Kansas City Chiefs and their 24-year-old wunderkind Patrick Mahomes.

One of those fans, @MasterAtWork247 on Twitter and on your scorecards, is convinced that the NFL rigged Super Bowl LIV in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs in large part because they wanted very badly to make Patrick Mahomes the undisputed new face of the league.

Among the gems he puts forth in his 22 minute video are the fact that Super Bowl LIV took place on 02/02/2020, Andy Reid now has 2 Super Bowl rings, it was his 222nd win, it was the 49ers’ 222nd away game loss, they had 2 performers in the halftime show, one of them had a birthday on 02/02/2020.

Pretty compelling, no?

He also points out that the NFL gave Mahomes the Super Bowl MVP despite mediocre numbers. “They should have gave it to Damien Williams,” he says. “But no, that doesn’t fit your script! Nobody wants to give Damien Williams Super Bowl MVP. Who the fuck is Damien Williams to go to Disneyland? No, no, no, no. Well, NFL, you got your new face of your product!”

And there is like 20 more minutes of this sort of thing in the video… it’s quite a watch.

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