Football Fans Are Having A Ball Making Urban Meyer To Notre Dame Jokes

Football Fans Are Having Fun Making Urban Meyer To Notre Dame Jokes

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  • With the Notre Dame coaching job open, football fans are having a lot of fun making Urban Meyer jokes since it’s reportedly his “dream job.”
  • Meyer, whose contract with Jacksonville hasn’t officially been made public, is 2-9 so far in his first season coaching the Jaguars.
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Back in October of 2017, Urban Meyer’s wife, Shelley, told The Eleven Dubcast that her husband’s three dream jobs were being head coach at Ohio State, Notre Dame and Michigan.

“He told me from the very beginning, those three jobs, I’m sorry, you have no say in,” said Shelley Meyer.

Urban Meyer, born in Toledo, Ohio, crossed the Ohio State job off his list when he coached the Buckeyes from 2012 to 2018.

In turn, that meant any chance of him coaching at Michigan was erased.

Which leaves the 57-year-old Jacksonville Jaguars coach with one more dream job left: Notre Dame.

Coincidentally, with Urban Meyer struggling badly during his first season coaching in the NFL, and Brian Kelly jetting out of South Bend to take over the open coaching job at LSU, the stars may have aligned to make that happen.

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Meyer’s contract with the Jaguars hasn’t officially been made public, it’s been estimated that he makes about $12 million per season. By comparison, LSU announced that it had signed Kelly to a 10 year contract worth $95 million, plus incentives.

So, with Urban Meyer faring much better in college with 187-32 as a head coach at Florida, Ohio State, Utah, and Bowling Green, the rumor mill is fully fired up. And football fans, especially those in Jacksonville, are here for it.

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For what it’s worth, ESPN’s Paul Finebaum threw a wet blanket on many Jaguars’ fans wishes.

“You’re right, he could have had the job when Brian Kelly got it. He turned it down to go to Florida where he won 2 national championships,” Finebaum said. “I think he’s burned that bridge, and quite frankly, I think it would be an atrocious choice. He has burned out everywhere he’s ever been. He has not shown us anything at Jacksonville and I think Jack Swarbrick the athletic director is far too smart to make a mistake like hiring Urban Meyer.”


Of course, Nick Saban infamously told LSU fans in 2004 that he wasn’t going anywhere. Then he immediately left the Tigers to go coach the Miami Dolphins. Then, in 2006, while with Miami, Saban came right out and straight up told the media, “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach.”

So never say never.