James Harden Posts IG Story Defending His Decision To Break COVID Protocols By Going To A Strip Club

Rockets star James Harden posts to IG to defend his decision to go to strip club even if it meant breaking NBA COVID protocols

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Maybe it’s just me, but James Harden sure as hell seems lost right now. While there’s no denying the talent of the three-time defending NBA scoring champ, ever since he requested a trade from the Houston Rockets in November, it’s just one thing after another with this guy, with new rumors popping up about where he may be shipped off to, or off-the-court crap that proves he’s doing the absolute most.

The most recent example of that came Wednesday, when video surfaced of Harden partying it up at a strip club without a mask on, which has led the NBA to investigate whether or not the All-Star broke the league’s COVID protocol. If it’s deemed that James Harden did so, he could face a suspension from the league, which, if we’re being honest, only adds even more tension to the ongoing drama between he and the Rockets right now.

Despite all the chatter about Harden’s choice to visit the strip club without a mask and, potentially, end up suspended for it, the superstar guard took to Instagram to actually try to defend his decision. Take a look below at what “The Beard” had to say to try and explain himself.

Screengrab via Instagram/jharden13

Gah, this is such a poor look for James Harden, man, which only leads me to believe what I said before — that the 31-year-old is lost right now. He has no idea how to get what he wants, and, more importantly, he has no clue how to play this villain he’s trying to be in order to force his way out of Houston. He’s as comfortable as a whore in church right now. But, hey, at least it brings fire content each day, right?

This all comes on the heels of Harden reportedly getting into it with Rockets teammates at practices recently, with speculation leaking out that he threw a ball at a teammate out of frustration. Whether true or not — and by all accounts it is — this isn’t the Harden most NBA fans know. He’s far from the charismatic player we’ve seen on the court the past few years.

With his latest stunt on Instagram, James Harden is further digging himself into a hole. Want to know how the hell he can get himself out? Stop digging! That means going back to being himself, doing the right thing and just playing ball, man. The rest of this crap being talked about is all being reported because of his decisions.

We all know he wants out of Houston. The Rockets know he wants out of Houston. And, at some point, he’ll probably be shipped out of Houston. But being an idiot isn’t making that any easier for other teams to want to trade for him. Nor does it make the Rockets anymore inclined to appease his request.

There are tons of James Harden trade rumors floating around right now. Until he stops actin’ a fool, those will only remain rumors and reports. So it’s the All-Star’s choice whether or not he wants to dumb himself down or try to be professional in order to get what he really wants: A new team to play for.