Kendrick Perkins Got Torched By Twitter For His Dumbass Take Comparing LeBron James’ Greatness To Michael Jordan’s

Kendrick Perkins is getting owned on Twitter after a really dumb mistake when comparing LeBron James' greatness to Michael Jordan's

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Look, Kendrick Perkins understands the hand that’s fed him; and that’s LeBron James. As one of James’ former teammates — who won the former big fella a title in 2016 — Perk, a current ESPN analyst, goes into full fanboy mode anytime he talks about the three-time champ. It’s been obvious in the past few years anytime Perkins compares James to Michael Jordan in the GOAT debate, among other times, so it’s never surprising to see.

However, if Big Perk’s going to drop his opinion on the world — which he’s obviously paid to do — at least come with some facts and not some dumbass mistakes that make him look, well, stupid. That’s what happened on Friday’s Get Up, when Perkins was talking about (surprise!) why James’ legacy and GOAT status is much bigger than MJ’s.

Following the Lakers’ victory over the Blazers in their first-round NBA Playoffs series, Kendrick Perkins was talking about James’ pursuit of another title, which, per usual, led to a debate about LeBron vs. Jordan — which is something that will go on and on until eternity. Honestly, there’s no right answer, and both guys are obviously all-timers who played in different eras. Take a look at the clip below.

While giving his reason why James reigns supreme over Jordan, Perkins made the mistake of dropping the ball when making an interesting comment about age, claiming MJ wasn’t competing for titles at age 35. Welp, that was dumb, because, FACT CHECK, he sure as hell was, as Jordan’s sixth and final title with the Chicago Bulls in 1998 came at that very age — and you better believe people on Twitter realized this, making it well-known that Kendrick was way wrong.

Look, Kendrick Perkins desperately wants to be one of those hot take champions in the media who ruffles the feathers of people and causes a reaction from fans anytime he speaks. While he’s done that with some of the previous comments he’s made — which typically just causes beef with players like Kevin Durant, among others — this latest one comparing LeBron to MJ just makes Perk look like a big ol’ moron. Get your facts straight before trying to be so bold, dude.

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