SEC Network Trolls Brian Kelly With Hilarious Fake Titles Based On His Fake Accent And TikTok Dancing

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The graphics team at the SEC Network deserves a raise after their performance on Monday.

With less than two months until the college football regular season officially begins, it’s “talking season,” meaning that it’s the time of year where coaches, players and media members start to ramp up the conversation. The offseason is over. The season is coming.

A large part of “talking season” comes with each individual conference’s media days. The Southeastern Conference’s got underway on Monday.

To open the afternoon, first-year LSU head coach Brian Kelly was called to the podium. He was the first coach to address the media in Atlanta.

Although there were not any spicy questions or touchy topics as Kelly was questioned by those in attendance, the conference network did not fail to get in a few jabs. Two in particular— and although they were both low-hanging fruit, it was still hilarious.

During the offseason, Kelly left Notre Dame and South Bend, Indiana for Baton Rouge. After arriving in Louisiana, he immediately broke out a fake accent during his first speech in purple and gold. Even his daughter cracked a joke at her father’s expense.

Kelly denied using a fake accent and tried to defend it with an objectively incorrect statement about Bostonians and how they talk. And then he wouldn’t stop saying the word “family.”

In addition to his fake accent, Kelly went viral on multiple occasions for dancing with a five-star quarterback, grinding on a recruit that ended up committing to Alabama, and trying to hit ‘The Griddy’ with recruits. Despite all of the other insane storylines throughout college football, Kelly’s dancing still found a way to stand out.

During Monday’s SEC Media Days, the network took a chance to crack a joke at both Kelly’s dancing and his accent.

Where the title would typically read “LSU head coach,” the graphic first read “Southern Accent Expert.”

Once that graphic dissipated, another emerged. It called him an “Elite TikTok Dancer.”

Incredibly well done, SEC Network. Bravo.