Stephen A. Smith Says That ‘Everybody In The NBA’ Would Be Happy If James Dolan Were Out Of The League, Including Adam Silver

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It’s been quite a wild couple of days in Knicks land, folks. Not because of anything that’s happened on the court, but because of Spike Lee walking through a certain entrance he wasn’t supposed to, owner James Dolan clapping back at him and former Knick Charles Oakley ripping into Dolan for being a ‘control freak’ that’s ‘running a plantation.’

After Lee stopped by the set of ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday and said that he’s not going to another Knicks game this season, Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith continued to breakdown the situation in New York on Wednesday’s show.

Kellerman was the first to blast Dolan during the particular segment explaining that the Knicks are simply a laughingstock and that James Dolan is bad for the NBA as the ‘heritage brand’ of the league. He also said that NBA commissioner Adam Silver should be looking for reasons to get rid of him.

After Kellerman laid his points across, Smith agreed with him and explained that while Silver wouldn’t admit it, he knows that the Knicks franchise and Dolan are at a point right now that ‘everybody in the NBA would be happy if James Dolan were gone.’

The Knicks have won exactly one playoff series since 2000 and have had 13 different head coaches in 18 seasons, for those that may not be keeping up. Add those very real facts about a basketball team, who’s goal last time I checked was to win actual games, to everything that has gone down with Dolan over the years and it certainly feels like changes could be coming.

Then again, he’s the owner of The Madison Square Garden Company and oversees operations of not only the Knicks but also the Rangers and Liberty.

The Knicks have stunk for two decades now so who knows what it may actually take for something positive to happen to this franchise? One thing is for sure though, that something positive isn’t going to happen as long as Dolan is around.