Tom Brady Revealed Four Things That Actually Make Bill Belichick Smile At Super Bowl Media Day

by 1 year ago
what makes bill belichick smile brady

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With this being the 10th time the New England Patriots have been to the Super Bowl, reporters at Media Day are probably running out of things to ask Tom Brady, who will be making his eighth appearance in the big game. However, there is still one mystery that the media has yet to solve: what, if anything, actually makes Brady’s coach Bill Belichick smile?

After all, we know that the list of things that make Belichick angry, upset, irritated or annoyed is very, very long.

At first, Brady struggled, saying, “I have no idea.”

With a little help from the reporters, TB12 did actually come up with four things, “Just say Navy, lacrosse, Lawrence Taylor… Bon Jovi. Those four.”

Brady then pointed over at Belichick’s Media Day podium and shouted, “He’s smiling! Look! He’s smiling.”

Apparently, one other thing that also makes The Hoodie smile is wearing his dad’s fedora, something he did as he made his grand appearance in Minnesota for Super Bowl LII.

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