Want To Succeed More In Life? Adhere To The Unique Morning Routines Top Businesspeople Follow

Morning Routines Successful Businesspeople Follow


There are obviously many things that separate successful businesspeople from those who just muddle along, or in the worst case scenario, fail completely. We’ve started covering some of those concepts in our new “On The Grind” series as well as in many other assorted articles touting usesful business advice from people like Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett and other titans of business.

While interesting and often useful, not all of the things these industry leaders suggest are always practical for the average Joe. Today, however, this advice about the unique morning routines of successful businesspeople is definitely something we can all put into practice.

John Rampton, a man with his own page on Forbes who calls him “an entrepreneur, investor, online marketing guru and startup enthusiast,” explains these morning routines in an article for Entrepreneur. (Entreprenuer also recently ranked him #2 on Top 50 Online Influencers in the World.)

Here’s what he advises…

1. Wake up once.
Stop hitting that snooze button, and if you just can’t get yourself to stop, try using a light therapy alarm clock.

2. Don’t work through breakfast.
Enjoy your breakfast, chatting with the family, and put that phone away for a few minutes.

3. Go all-or-nothing on office arrival time.
Either arrive at the same time as everyone else or get there significantly earlier than everyone else. Arriving early helps you get your work done without all the disruptions that will inevitably come when the rest of the staff arrives.

4. Tackle the hardest thing first.
By doing the hardest thing first you free yourself up to deal with any unexpected obstacles you have to overcome the rest of the day.

Unusual Morning Routines Successful Businesspeople Follow


5. Less talk, more focus.
All shooting the sh*t in the morning does is put you behind and costs you your most productive time of the day. This also means no morning meetings.

6. Keep your weekend schedule tight.
By committing to waking up early on weekends you actually allow yourself to relax more in the evenings knowing you got all your sh*t done.

7. Your phone should sleep while you sleep.
This is a major problem for many people. Your phone should be somewhere out of arm’s reach when you go to sleep, and you need to be off it well before your head actually hits the pillow.

8. Move your body.
No one ever said, “I really need to stop exercising.” That’s because not only is exercise good for the body, it’s also a key element of good mental health.

9. Write down thoughts, not tasks.
If you have to write to-do lists it’s okay, just do them in evening so you’re prepared for the next day. In the morning, however, you should be focused on writing down your thoughts and ideas, letting your creativity run wild.

10. Ignore everyone else’s habits and do your own thing.
Yes, this is an article advising you on how to behave, but not everything works for everyone. Just don’t be lulled into thinking that what you do is the best practice just because it makes you comfortable. Also, if you never try something new, how do you know that it won’t work?

Read Rampton’s entire article over at Entrepreneur.com.