Airline Pilot Has 30+ Minute Encounter With UFOs At 40,000 Feet, Captures It On Video

Airline Pilot Records 30 Minute Encounter With UFOs At 40000 Feet


Over the years, some of the most reliable (and most bizarre) reports about UFOs have come from the people who are actually up in the sky with the objects: pilots.

Numerous unexplained reports have been made by fighter pilots all over the world as well as commercial airline pilots, many of them coming with video of the encounter.

Such was the case recently with a man who stated that he is a former military pilot turned pilot for a major airline in the United States.

His UFO encounter came while traveling at around 40,000 feet between Wilmington, North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia.

The sighting took place over a 35 minute period from approximately 12:55 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. on August 12, 2022.

In his report to the web site UFO Sightings Daily, the pilot writes, “We took off from St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands for a 4-hour flight to Washington Dulles airport. We departed at 2202 ET and landed at 0148 ET. At roughly 0055 ET I began seeing slow pulses of light in the sky directly in front of us (to our north). The pulses would last usually 8-10 seconds each and had gaps of darkness lasting anywhere from 10 seconds to over a minute. They were slowly moving from left to right. The pulses would be gradual (start very dim and grow into a bright light about the brightness of Venus, and then fade away).

“As an airline pilot, I am positive I was not seeing other airliners,” he continued. “Very few civilian aircraft can fly above 41,000 feet, and the objects were about 10 degrees above the horizon from our perspective. I was not able to tell the distance of the object from our aircraft, but in the 35+ minutes we watched, they never seemed to get any closer even though we covered about 250 nautical miles in that time. For this reason I believe they were in either the upper atmosphere or in space.”

He goes on to explain that he and the captain of the plane attempted to determine what the blinking objects were, but did not come up with a good answer. Sometimes there appeared to be two lights, other times there seemed to be three. At one point he says they saw two lights flying in “formation,” almost side by side.

What were the UFOs that this airline pilot encountered while flying over the eastern states of America?

“At no point did we see a strobe light or navigation lights on the objects. The best way to describe what we saw is 2-3 aircraft circling in left hand turns with their landing lights on, which means that they were only clearly visible when the lights were facing towards us. Because we were flying towards Washington DC we discussed the possibility it was fighter aircraft flying circles over the city due to a security threat. This was clearly not the case however, because we were 300+ miles from DC when we spotted them, and they never seemed to get closer as we neared the city.”

He added that the UFOs were “far higher in elevation than modern fighters can fly.” The pilot also stated that “fighter aircraft have their landing lights mounted within their landing gear which would have been retracted,” so the lights wouldn’t have been that.

“As a former fighter/attack pilot I am extremely familiar with capabilities of modern aircraft, have trained in CAP (protecting locations from aerial threats) and I am 100% we were not seeing military aircraft or flares,” he continued.

The pilot then addressed the possibility that the lights could have been a train of Starlink satellites with sunlight reflecting off of them.

“I don’t think this is the case, for the following reasons. We spotted them in the middle of the night; 5 hours after sunset, when it is less likely to spot satellites. We also saw the pulses an estimated 80+ times, and we only stopped seeing them due to us descending into the clouds. From looking online, Starlink trains are typically 40-60 satellites. The sighting also lasted 35+ minutes, which is far longer than a satellite train.”

The UFOs, according to the pilot, also “appeared to be flying in circles” which obviously is not something satellites do.

Take a look at the video of the UFOs that he shot from the cockpit his airliner below and see if you can figure it out.

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