Artist Sells Out Of His Awesome ‘Karen’ Halloween Masks, Real-Life Karens Want To Speak To The Manager

Artist Sells Out Of Clever Karen Halloween Mask Upsets Karens


Tis the season for Karens (and Terrys) to work themselves up into a lather over Halloween costumes that they deem to be offensive.

As we have discussed several times previously, Karens are taking over our world. There are numerous subgroups of the species including Nail Salon Karens, Drug Store Karens, Airplane Karens, Grocery Store Karens, Restaurant Karens (these are becoming increasingly troublesome), Big Box Store Karens (also very problematic, especially the male of the species – the Terry), and Gym Karens.

As such, Los Angeles-based artist Jason Adcock decided that 2020 is the perfect year to create a couple of different Karen masks.

“2020 is the year of the KAREN! Scare all ur friends with ur big hair and narrow mind,” Adcock wrote on Instagram alongside his first Karen creation.

He also added a second Karen mask to the collection, called KAREN-19.

“I have taste, but I never said it was good taste … our newest action is KAREN-19 she thought she was slick calling you all sheep and look what happened!” wrote Adcock.

“I was starting on this year’s Halloween projects and kept seeing “Karens” pop up in my news feed and thought, ‘Damn this is the real monster of 2020,” Adcock told Business Insider.

Naturally, two things happened. (1) the masks almost immediately sold out, and (2) Karens got mad about them.

“Karen is transcendent of all gender and size,” he told Good Morning America on Tuesday. “She is just like a modern-day tyrant. Anybody evil can be a Karen.”

Each mask was for sale on Etsy for $180 apiece and Adcock was suprised that so many people wanted one… and that so many complained. (He really shouldn’t have been.)

Adcock shared a few of the complaints on his Facebook page.

As for all of those Karens that are upset with his creations, Adcock told GMA, “Just take it for what it is: a funny Halloween mask. I’m not here to ruin anybody’s day. I’m just trying to make people laugh.”

But Karens don’t think things like this are funny, Jason. That’s what makes them Karens.

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