El Chapo Trial: Joaquin Guzman’s Wife Learned How He Spied On Her, Texts He Sent To Sidechicks Revealed In Court

El Chapo is on trial in federal court in Brooklyn after he was extradited from Mexico and charged with 17 counts including smuggling more than 155 tons of cocaine. During his stay in the United States, Joaquin Guzman has said his prison cell is torture because he’s locked up in a cell for 23 hours a day. But the scariest day of Guzman’s extradition may have gone down on Wednesday during his trial when prosecutors released texts of conversations between the infamous drug kingpin and his sidechicks. Especially since his wife was in the courtroom to see her husband’s cheating ways and how he spied on her and the mistresses.

Aispuro, El Chapo’s beauty queen wife, blew kisses to Guzman as she walked into Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday morning. However, the mood would quickly sour as Aispuro saw texts from her husband to the drug kingpin’s mistresses. The entire world got to read intimate details about Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s personal life. With his wife Emma Coronel Aispuro in the courtroom, prosecutors revealed text messages from El Chapo to his wife and his mistresses. Prosecutors also spotlighted how Guzman spied on his wife and his sidechicks.

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The FBI collected text messages after they were able to flip Guzman’s I.T. guy (Read more about how a tech engineer took down the mighty drug lord HERE). During the trial, messages were released that talked about Aispuro and El Chapo’s sidechick Agustina Cabanillas Acosta both getting plastic surgery. Other loving text messages were sent from Guzman to another one of his sidepieces who was arrested in a raid in the resort town of Cabo San Lucas. The text messages were broadcast on a large screen and read aloud by an FBI agent in the courtroom where Aispuro allegedly didn’t have any reaction and El Chapo didn’t look at his wife, but instead kept his head down.

The Sinaloa Cartel leader frequently referred to his wife as “princess,” “queen,” “my love,” and “mommy.” One text message in 2012 from El Chapo to Aispuro talked about getting his then-baby daughter an AK-47 rifle. In the text message, Guzman wrote, “Our Kiki is fearless. I’m going to give her an AK-47 so she can hang with me.”

Guzman told his wife that he wanted his “little princesses” to cook his meals. Aispuro responded, “Well maybe it’s better if mommy makes them for you. After all it was her enchiladas that made you fall in love with her.” Aww. This tweet sounds so sweet, especially when you forget that El Chapo had thousands of people mercilessly tortured and murdered to expand his ruthless drug empire.

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In 2012, Guzman was on the run after he had to jump out of a window to flee his Mexican mansion in Baja after a raid by Mexican authorities. El Chapo texted Aispuro the details of his narrow escape from the Mexican military. “It all happened very fast,” Guzman wrote his wife. “I saw them pounding on the door next door, but was able to jump out.” In the messages El Chapo told his wife that he needed to buy new clothes and black dye for his mustache.

Chapo warned his wife about an upcoming raid on one of his homes in Mexico. The notorious drug kingpin instructed his Aispurp to put the weapons in a hidden compartment and to delete their conversation. Guzman asked Aispuro to pick him up underwear, five shirts, shampoo and two pairs of black sneakers. “I love you, love,” he wrote. “Talk to you soon.” She responded at one point: “I hope so darling.”

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Also during El Chapo’s trial, prosecutors questioned Guzman’s tech whiz who set up a confidential communication network. The engineer, Christian Rodriguez, also enabled spyware on the phones of El Chapo’s wife and sidechicks so the drug lord could keep tabs on him. According to Rodriguez, he installed spyware on as many as 50 devices. The FlexiSpy app can remotely turn on the phone’s mic without the user knowing. “He would call a person on their extension, talk about whatever they needed to talk about, then… open up the microphone and listen to what they were talking about,” Rodriguez said during his testimony. “He called me all the time to ask me things regarding the spy software, it was like his toy.”

The trial of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been going on since November and it is expected to last several more months. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges that include drug trafficking, money laundering, conspiracy, and weapons charges. Guzman’s lawyers argue that the 61-year-old El Chapo is being framed.

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