O.J. Simpson Talks Trump Impeachment, Jokes, ‘I’ve Been Involved In A Few Jury Trials’

OJ Simpson Talks Impeachment Ive Been Involved In A Few Jury Trials

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“Hello Twitter world, it’s George Truly.” That’s right. The Juice is back on the loose, on Twitter, I mean. Leave it to O.J. Simpson to be one of the people to offer up their thoughts on the impeachment trial currently taking place in Washington D.C. for former President Donald Trump.

Of course, as Simpson does point out in his latest Twitter monologue, “Unfortunately, I’ve been involved (giggles) in a few jury trials.”

Yes, he actually went there. And laughed about it. He really is an amazing human being.

As you will hear below, The Juice has thoughts about how the jurors in this case, i.e. the senators, will be unable to stay impartial. Real deep stuff, I know.

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O.J. states that jurors have to pledge to only base their decisions on what they hear in court, not on preconceived ideas.

“I think we all know that’s not going to be the case here,” O.J. adds, completely ignoring the fact that there is one major difference in this trial and the trials he’s had. In the case of the Trump impeachment trial, unlike a jury trial in a regular court of law, around half of the “jurors” in this case were actually responsible for ordering the trial to take place. So yeah… they’re probably not going to be very impartial. But hey, O.J. knows legal jurisprudence.

“In many ways, this is sort of a waste of time,” legal expert Simpson continued.

Juice then says that people, like some of his friends, who refuse to admit that the election was fair and accurate should probably just move to Russia or China… while he gets to continue to live and golf in Las Vegas despite still owing the Goldman family around $70 million.

Simpson then pivots to sending his condolences to the family of Marty Shottenheimer, who I am sure will be glad to here that he cares.

Response to O.J.’s latest soliloquy, as usual, went about how one would expect.

How many times do we have to tell you people? He’s working on it, as he promised he would. Give the man some time.

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