The ‘NFL 2020’ Version Of Bad Lip Reading Shows Absolutely No Mercy On Any Player, Coach Or Official

The Bad Lip Reading recap from the NFL season is absolutely savage against every player, coach and official

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The Bad Lip Reading videos are always some of the best things on the Internet, with the simple idea blowing up over the past few years, as everyone from NFL, NBA and MLB players, to President Donald Trump getting savagely torn apart all in the name of hilarity. While there have been some fantastic ones over the years, the YouTube channel released its version for the NFL’s 2020 season and, well, as you might expect, it’s incredible stuff.

Given the fact that the Bad Lip Reading guys never hold back on their victims in the videos, the NFL 2020 version is no different, with superstars like Patrick Mahomes — yep, the league MVP last season and reigning Super Bowl MVP — and Tom Brady getting mocked. It’s always a nice way to end the intensity and anxiety of the NFL season, so take a look below at the most recent version from the Bad Lip Reading bros.

In the past, these types of videos have seemed to focus on guys on the sidelines or in the huddle, but this year’s NFL 2020 version really goes after the player intros, which have been wild and crazy in recent years as guys promote things like their high schools, hometowns or elementary school. Thankfully, the dudes at Bad Lip Reading makes fun of the absurdity that those intros have turned into.

Since we can’t get enough of these types of videos, don’t forget to waste a good portion of your evening watching a whole slew of them from over the years. Whether it’s Tom Brady getting crapped on for chewing out his receivers, or Fergie’s strange rendition of the national anthem from the NBA All-Star Game a couple years ago, these things always deliver the heat in comedy. To think that something this simple could be so damn funny just validates that the Internet always wins.