Designer Swaps NFL And NBA Uniforms For Teams In The Same City And They Are Fresh AF

Designer Swaps NFL And NBA Uniforms For Teams In The Same City

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Once again, a talented designer created some fictional sports uniforms that are sharper looking than anything the professional leagues have come up with in years.

This time, the artistry comes from Digitalize Sports & Media, who wanted to see what it would look like if they swapped National Football League and National Basketball Association uniforms for teams located in the same city.

Turns out, the results are pretty sweet.

In fact, they are so cool, even ESPN’s SportsCenter Instagram account had to feature them on Wednesday.

First up, we’ve got the San Francisco 49ers swapped out with the Golden State Warriors.

Steph looks pretty good in Niners colors.

Next is the Los Angeles Rams and the Lakers featuring King James.

Somehow the Rams’ terrible new look doesn’t look so bad as a basketball fit.

Then we’ve got Luka and Zeke down in Dallas.

Next up, Zion and Brees swap looks in New Orleans.

Over in Indy, T.Y. Hilton is looking fierce in Pacers colors.

And finally, saving the best for last, Tua and Bam are killing it in their swapped threads.

Don’t know about you, but unlike Major League Baseball’s terible attempt at having some fun with jerseys, I have to think that these uniforms are something people might actually like (and buy). (Which means the leagues will never, ever do it, of course.)

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