Top FCS Football Prospect Reveals FBS Boosters Used Huge NIL Deals To Entice Him To Transfer

South Dakota State Athletics / iStockphoto

Name, Image and Likeness has added a lot of complications to the landscape of college football. Although under-the-table money has always played a factor in recruiting, NIL allows legal workarounds to avoid violating the NCAA’s policies on pay-for-play.

To compensate a college football player or recruit directly in exchange for his commitment to a specific program remains illegal. However, through the guise of NIL opportunities, players are being offered money to play at/for a particular school.

There have been multiple instances in which this is true:

And it isn’t just happening on the FBS level. FCS players are being offered six-figure NIL deals to leave their current programs and transfer.

South Dakota State tight end Tucker Kraft was an integral part of the Jackrabbits offense last year. The 6-foot-5, 255-pound junior caught 65 passes for 780 yards and six touchdowns.

As a result of his strong season, he was offered the chance to move up a level. He recently shared that he was offered “multiple” six-figure NIL deals to transfer.

Ultimately, despite receiving little to no compensation at SDSU, he decided not to leave.

Kraft did not reveal what schools were in contact. However, to offer six figures, the schools were presumably in one of the Power Five conferences. If not, and a school like Wyoming is offering five zeros, then there is a lot more money being moved around than could ever be expected.