College Football Fans Have Same Response To Seeing Lane Kiffin Single Deion Sanders Out On Social Media

Lane Kiffin walks onto the field before an Ole Miss game.

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Lane Kiffin singled one prominent college football coach out online Wednesday following an announcement from his school. The Ole Miss leader tagged Deion Sanders after the University of Colorado posted about an upcoming event.

That interaction is now gaining some traction on social media with many fans and followers posting the same exact response.

The Buffaloes athletic department unveiled an opportunity for supporters of the program to come enjoy a day of yoga on Folsom Field this summer. It’s a way for fans to get a bit closer to the action, while possibly interacting with members of the football coaching staff.

That could be a hot ticket considering Deion Sanders is leading Colorado in his first year at the helm. Coach Prime already has excitement in Boulder at an all-time high, which has resulted in skyrocketing ticket sales at the box office.

He’s also hit the recruiting trail hard, pulling in a top 25 recruiting class despite the fact that the Buffaloes are coming off of a one-win campaign. That cycle includes the top ranked transfer class in the nation.

Sanders is in the midst of a culture change, too, as he implements his style of coaching and leadership within the program. We’ve seen intense workouts, where he’s kicked players out for simply wearing the wrong color socks.

This upcoming workout session should be a bit more lax, though, as up to 500 fans have the chance to come do yoga at Folsom Field. While it’s an exciting opportunity, it’s one that’s been done before at another prominent program.

Lane Kiffin hosted a yoga class for Ole Miss fans earlier this offseason.

Kiffin hosted 250 Rebel fans at Vaught Hemingway Stadium last month to participate in the workout. He might’ve been a bit upset that Coach Prime could be stealing his thunder.

He singled Sanders out on Twitter, which led many to post the exact same reaction in the comments section.

“Imitation is the greatest form of flattery,” fans wrote below the post.

Yoga isn’t new to Kiffin, but this might’ve been the first time he’s done it in that setting. Now, another program is following his lead.

Maybe we’ll see a tandem class at some point down the road?

As for the 2023 football season, Lane Kiffin is hoping to continue his momentum at Ole Miss after winning 18 games over the last two years.

Sanders, meanwhile, appears to have his program pointed in the right direction as he looks to get back to the heyday of Buffalo football.