Magic Johnson Gets Mocked After Tweeting The Most PC Bullsh*t About Enjoying To Work With Rob Pelinka

Magic Johnson mocked on Twitter after saying he enjoyed working with Rob Pelinka

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Magic Johnson abruptly quitting his job the other day as President of Basketball Operations of the Los Angeles Lakers shocked everyone. From fans to media to, yep, even LeBron James, the fact that the Hall of Fame point guard held an impromptu press conference to announce his decision without even telling his boss, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, had people perplexed.

Naturally, rumors and reports swirled following the bizarre press conference, where Magic Johnson rambled on about how he hated certain things that went on behind-the-scenes, all the rules from the NBA about tampering and how he just wanted to be able to be himself more. That’s understandable, and respectable, but that doesn’t mean people are completely buying Johnson’s reasoning.

In the days since Johnson’s resignation, there have been reports that he wanted to fire general manager Rob Pelinka, but that Jeanie Buss wouldn’t allow it. Given some previous reports about Pelinka being straight-up despised by some around the NBA, Magic Johnson probably had a few disagreements with the guy, especially given the shotgun marriage that took place when both were brought on a couple of years ago, with Pelinka, a former sports agent, probably being way unqualified, per league sources. All of this just seems like both Magic and Pelinka didn’t get along much — and the Internet is believing that narrative.

Well, Magic Johnson turned to Twitter this morning to try and smooth things over. In his press conference a couple of days ago, the Lakers legend praised Jeanie Buss, raving about how she’s like a sister to him, how he loves her and how he couldn’t tell her he was quitting because he would cry. He echoed that today with a series of tweets about Buss from 7:53 a.m. to 7:54 a.m.

Now fast-forward through Magic Johnson’s Twitter feed following the love fest for Jeanie Buss, and you’ll find a few congratulatory tweets and then, boom, at 8:39 a.m., Johnson seemed to think — or get reminded that — he should probably try to squash any rumors of he and Rob Pelinka not getting along by tweeting the most politically correct bullsh*t about how he enjoyed working with the general manager.

It’s almost as if you can predict the text that came in about 45 minutes after those Jeaniue Buss tweets: “Uh, Magic, people are up our ass about you and Rob hating one another, so you mind saying something nice on Twitter about him, too, just to smooth things over.”

After seeing Magic Johnson’s tweet about Pelinka, Twitter took notice — and people were ruthless with their reactions, mocking Johnson and flat-out calling BS. Here’s some of what people were tweeting.

Who really knows why Magic Johnson decided to leave the Los Angeles Lakers? Only he and/or Jeanie Buss knows the truth. But given the dysfunction the iconic franchise has experienced since signing LeBron James just nine months ago — from the Anthony Davis saga to young players’ psyche out of whack to rumors about Luke Walton being disconnected from the team — it sure seems like Johnson lacked the leadership to keep things structured in order to build a playoff team with Pelinka. And the Internet seems to think it’s because they just didn’t really like working together.