Tom Brady Reportedly Told Prospective Teams He Wants To Link Back Up With Antonio Brown Before Signing With Tampa Bay

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The most fascinating storyline during the most recent NFL season (and the month or so leading up to it) was easily the absolute trainwreck that was Antonio Brown, who went off the rails after he began to stir up drama at training camp in Oakland and has continued to skid along the side of the tracks like the train in The Fugitive ever since then.

The wide receiver got a shot at redemption when he was picked up by the Patriots shortly after he was released by the Raiders but only played a single game for New England before he was cut yet again after finding himself at the center of a number of sexual misconduct allegations.

Since then, Brown has found himself embroiled in constant baby mama drama and has put football on the back burner a bit as he turns his attention toward a potential boxing match with Logan Paul and showcasing his musical prowess (or, more accurately, lack thereof).

Over the past couple of months, Brown became a bit of an afterthought as another NFL storyline began to dominate the football news cycle: the impending free agency of Tom Brady, who kept everyone waiting with bated breath after announcing he had decided to explore the option of playing for another team for the first time in his career.

On Monday, the common consensus among NFL executives seemed to be that Brady would be remaining with the Patriots as his list of alternatives began to dwindle, but on Tuesday, the legendary quarterback pulled a Maury Povich and told us that was a lie when he announced he was officially parting ways with New England.

Shortly after, Ian Rapoport revealed Brady had signed a contract with Tampa Bay that will net him a cool $30 million per season, and on Wednesday, the insider revealed a fun little nugget when he reported the ex-Patriot told prospective teams that he wants to link back up with Brown.

Brady welcomed Brown with open arms when he came to New England to the point where he offered to let him stay with him and Gisele and AB has repeatedly shown love for his former teammate on social media and expressed interest in joining forces again as well.

A couple of weeks ago, ESPN reported the two men have been consistently talking with each other but the most important thing to note here is that the NFL has shown no signs it’s in any rush to reinstate the wide receiver as it continues to conduct an investigation into the aforementioned accusations.

This. League. Man.

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